Say goodbye to the old ways of doing business in this ever changing global market, every industry is changing pretty fast, are you ready to stimulate growth to stay competitive?

Get your applications and IT on demand, use it when you want it.

What is cloud and what can cloud do for your business?

We get asked this question all the time, cloud computing might sound like another dreamed up IT buzz word, however it’s real and being used by millions of users without even knowing it.

Cloud is a term used to describe internet based computing services that are hosted in the internet in most cases outside of your organization.

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Is your business experiencing IT challenges?

Ujimoto cloud aims to address these concerns.

We offer a number of solutions that would help your business make most of your cloud services.

Cloud Solutions

Cloud Storage

We offer easy to access, scalable online storage which can be accessed globally. This new approach of storing data has revolutionised the way we do business today.

Cloud Back up

All your important data is transmitted over the Internet encrypted and securely stored on our storage systems in secure Tier 3 and Tier 3 + data centres.

Virtual Private Servers

Create and start using your Virtual Private Server (VPS) in 30 seconds! Using the very latest technologies from Dell, EMC and vmWare to meet your requirements.

Hosted Business Solutions

Hosted Software (SaaS)

Reduce the cost of hosting applications on your business critical servers. We will host your applications on our servers, freeing up your valuable resources.

Hosted Desktop (DaaS)

Get a new desktop that you can access from any device, over any network. Apple, Windows or Open Source, we have the desktop that is right for you.

Hosted Platform (PaaS)

As the business grows, so do the IT requirements. For complete control of a virtual server running a selection of server operating systems to meet any need.

Ready Made Business Solutions

Cloud based Microsoft Solutions

Ready made virtual servers running Microsoft Server 2012, 6 virtual desktops loaded with cloud versions of Microsoft Windows Office 365. Perfect for any business.

Cloud based Apple Solutions

Run the very latest version of Apple OS X on any device, get a virtual Mac! Great for graphic designers and freelance videographers. Comes with generous storage options.

Cloud Based SMB Solutions

A complete cloud based solution with everything in mind for today’s small business. Individual virtual servers for applications, desktops, website and emails.

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